Soft Wash: Powerful Clean, Gentle for Your Home


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The Benefits of Soft Wash Services

Washing your home is a smart choice. A fresh, clean exterior can both increase the value of your property and enhance its beauty. Without washing, mold and mildew accumulate, creating the opportunity for structure and materials to decay.

No homeowner wants their house to be an unhealthy eyesore, so they may take on a do-it-yourself project of power washing. But there are risks – power washing can quickly result in permanent damage to your home’s exterior.

At Maine Coast Window Cleaning, we have training and experience, as well as quality products that result in a proper soft wash experience for our customers. We can properly wash your home’s exterior and its many parts, which, in your case, may include:

  • Wood or Asphalt Roof
  • Natural Wood Decks
  • Vinyl or Wood Siding
  • Windows and Glass
  • Concrete Walks and Driveways

Soft Washing your home will help control or eliminate the following, all of which can cause damage, resulting in costly repair bills:

  • Algae and Mold
  • Artillery Fungus
  • Lichens
  • Moss

If you’re thinking of power washing your home, think Soft Wash instead!

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